Sole Terminator

A software designed and developed to
help you purchase the latest sneakers and clothes.

We constantly push out updates, making sure you have the best
chances of getting the items you want. Easy-to-use, fast checkout
speeds, and advanced techniques against bot protection.

Powerful. Simple. Efficient.

Dashboard. Manage your license. View your latest purchases. Join our discord server — from anywhere in the world.

Overview. Grouped tasks, captcha solvers, profiles, and proxy lists. Filter and search. Automatic updates. Intuitive user interface.

Support. 24/7 help from our staff. English and Mandarin Chinese. Have a peace of mind.


Sole Terminator is natively compatible with both Windows and MacOS. No third party applications needed, install Sole Terminator with a single click.


Sole Terminator supports Footlocker EU, US & CA Footsites, Supreme (EU, US, JP), Shopify, Zalando and Yeezy Supply. We are always working on maintaining and adding new platforms.


Sole Terminator safely stores all of your information locally, and securely encrypts your billing profiles - Making your private information untouchable.


Sole Terminator automatically pre-generates cookies for you. Say goodbye to the hassle of having to manually generate cookies.